On these pages you'll find some links to 

Valerie Solanas' Scum-manifesto 

(different languages, different versions).

English version scum-manifesto  (1968)
Published by The Olympia Press, New York.

Dutch version scum-manifesto 1  (1971)
Published by De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam. Translated by Koos Schuur. With an introduction from Maurice Girodias and an afterword from Paul Krassner.

Dutch version scum-manifesto 2 - together with English version  (1999)
Published by RAVIJN, Amsterdam. Translated by Aad Janssen.

Spanish version of scum-manifesto (1977)
Published by Colección Feminismo - Nápoles, 105, 4C. Barcelona – 13. Prólogo y traducción: Ana Becciu. Presentación: Carmen Alcalde.

French version of scum-manifesto  (1987)
Published by Corlet, 14110 Condé-sur-Noireau. Translated by Emmanuelle de Lesseps. With short history and exerpts from the press by Dominique Fauquet

Czech version of scum-manifesto (1998)
Published by Votobia, Prague (www.votobia.cz). Translated by Alexandra Berková. Epilogue: Alena Havlínová. ISBN 80-7220-046-1


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